"There are only six women in Canada who do what I do. Although, it is very tough to graduate from battle school, I firmly believe that you will learn skills there that you can't learn anywhere else."


Infantry soldiers are trained to fight in special operations such as airmobile, amphibious, and environmental operations.


Stacey Finlay is a combat soldier in the Canadian Forces. A typical day for her involves physical training, taking courses, maintaining weapons, and learning about international law and the Geneva Convention.

Stacey says, "I'm a late bloomer with everything! First, I went into real estate. During that time, I went to Australia, Africa, and Costa Rica. Then I decided to go back to college, full-time, in the criminal justice program and graduated in 1998. After that, I wanted to join the RCMP but lacked experience, so I joined the military. I went to basic training in 1998."

Stacey believes that any person who is looking for a challenge physically, mentally, and emotionally will enjoy a career in the military. You learn discipline, patience, teamwork, pride and confidence in yourself and your own abilities.

Did you know? Special training is available in such areas as military freefall jumpmaster, rappelmaster, and unarmed combat instructor.

A basic recruit starts at $1,300 per month. As you progress through promotions, you can reach $2,800 per month as a private.

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If you like physical exercise and enjoy firing a gun, this career opportunity will definitely grab your interest.

Private Stacey Finlay has pioneered new ground as an infantry soldier in the Canadian Forces. She is one of only six women in Canada to graduate from Battle School. Despite the extreme physical requirements, Private Finlay loves the challenges she faces every day as a combat soldier.

Her extensive training in weapons, field operations and survival skills might have come in handy at her previous job, which was selling real estate!


Education: College-level criminal justice program

Hobbies: Soccer, softball, tennis and skiing, gym, and refereeing soccer (there are only a few women in Canada who do that, too!)