"Things change so fast that there is always new technology to learn, new algorithms created... I was once a project leader. I liked it a lot, but I also like to be close to the code."



Only 23% of computer programmers are women.




Nancy Nadeau works for Softimage as a software developer engineer. Softimage is a provider of high-end tools for creating digital images. Nancy develops tools that facilitate the work of the software users, so they can create better, more realistic special effects or images. These tools are mainly used for special effects in movies such as The Matrix or in game creation at Sega and Nintendo. The company also works with Industrial Light & Magic, which did the special effects for Star Wars. Nancy has a bi-disciplinary in mathematics-computer science.

Directly after university, Nancy started working at Softimage. She was the first woman to join the R&D team at Softimage. Nancy never really saw herself as a woman working in the midst of a group of men, but rather as a person working with colleagues, trying to make the best software of the market!

Did you know? Canada's information technology industry generates $100 billion in revenue every year.

Nancy encourages other women to enter the field of computer science, but also recommends other fields outside of this realm. Computer graphics can be one option, and there are also other fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Operational Research, or Speech Recognition, just to name a few.

Computer science in general is a field where people are paid fairly well. Someone with a Bachelors degree in computer science and experience can start anywhere between $35,000 to $40,000. Benefits can also include stock options.

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Nancy always liked mathematics, to the point that she had even considered becoming a math teacher. But when the time came to decide on a field of study, Nancy asked herself, "What was the future going to be?"

Her answer was information technology. Good guess Nancy! What a great choice for a career, developing leading edge software for the entertainment industry.


Education: Mathematics and computer science (university level)

Hobbies: Parachuting, snowboarding, dancing Flamenco, photography