"From a working perspective, my technical abilities are growing every day in this field. As new developments are made, my knowledge increases just that much more."


Over half the population of the world has never made a phone call. Emerging countries are leapfrogging conventional wire phones to go wireless.


Melanie is a network operations field technician for Microcell Connexions. She maintains cellular equipment, doing installations and repairs when necessary. She also coordinates with several contractors and the Microcell implementation team on a daily basis to bring cell sites on-line. She helps make sure that everything is up to specifications.

Melanie's joined the Communication Reserves of the Canadian Forces after high school. She trained as a Radio/Teletype Operator, but was more interested in the technical aspect. While in the military, she took a two-day course in Telecommunication Engineering Technology. She joined the program and graduated with a diploma with honours in Telecommunication Engineering Technology. She even received two scholarships.

Did you know? By the year 2005, 50% of all phone calls in the world will be wireless.

Melanie believes her skills will easily translate into any other future job. Along with her technical skills, her personal skills are valuable in maintaining good working relationships with co-workers, contractors, and the general public.

In the future, she would eventually like to design (invent) new products and services for the telecommunication industry. Entry level positions with Melanie's skills pay around $26, 500 and with experience go up to $45,500 per year.

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These days, cell phones do everything, email, voice mail, you name it. Just ask Field Technician Melanie Young.

Melanie Young got her first taste of telecommunications when she was trained as a radio/teletype operator in the Communications Reserves of the Canadian Forces. From that moment on, Melanie was hooked!

Now, with a two-year training program in telecommunications technology, Melanie has a great future maintaining equipment for a major cellular company. In an industry with a phenomenal growth rate, her career definitely looks wireless…


Education: Diploma with honours in Telecommunication Engineering Technology from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

Hobbies: Puzzles, sports (basketball), music (13 instruments!), spending time with the family