"To be a cop you need to have autonomy, good leadership in crisis situations, common sense, be in shape and - especially in the canine unit - a love of dogs."


To enter a career in policing, it is advantageous to have a degree in law, criminology, or social services, or a diploma in criminology or criminal justice.


Martine Gendron is a police officer on the canine patrol team of the Montreal Police Force. She had originally considered fire fighting, but then decided to become a cop. Part of this decision might have been based on her being threatened by a man with a gun when she was a teenager. She wants to help make the streets safe for other women.

Martine received her DEC (diploma) in technique policiere from the Ahunsic college in Montreal. She's worked in narcotics, as a double agent (infiltrating drugs playing a junkie), on an assignment as a detective (buy and bust), and on car patrol, bike patrol, and community projects (talking to schools about violent crime). In 1998 she was hired on the new Canine Patrol Unit.

Martine notes that to be a police officer, you need to be able to work with autonomy, have good leadership skills in crisis situations, a lot of common sense and a high level of physical fitness.

Did you know? To be a police officer, you must have excellent verbal and writing skills, plus the ability to stay calm in high-anxiety situations.

Martine says that to work with dogs, you have to love them. Police dogs must always practice. They cannot play with other dogs or even with people.

In terms of salary, Martine says that you start around $25,000, and can go up to around $50,000. There are good benefits.

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Martine vowed to pursue a law enforcement career after being attacked when she was just a teenager. Having survived this experience, Martine was determined to make the streets safe for other young women. She eventually applied to the Montreal Urban Community Police Department and was accepted.

After several years experience as a patrol officer, Martine decided to try out for a canine officer position. Now, along with Betz, her best friend and canine partner, Martine is taking the bite out of any criminal looking for another victimů


Education: technique policiere from the Ahunsic college in Montreal

Hobbies: Working out, playing hockey, bike racing