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"Explore all your options, a technical career can be just as challenging and satisfying as an academic career."


Marnie is currently making $30,000 per year with full benefits.



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Marnie Zimmerman is a Service Technologist at Delta Controls, a company that designs and manufactures heating, ventilation and air conditioning control systems (commonly referred to as HVAC). Her job is to repair the circuit boards that come back in from the field.

Marnie attended the Faculty of Science at Simon Fraser University for her first year of post secondary education. She then left SFU to register for a two year technical program at BCIT.

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The most satisfying part of the job for Marnie is doing her job quickly and efficiently. This results in customers that are happy with their service. The job can be challenging though, especially if there are a large number of items to be fixed.

Did you know? The second largest area of manufacturing in Canada is electrical equipment and electronics.

In the future, Marnie plans to back to school for a bachelor of technology degree or engineering degree. Then, she can design systems rather than just repair them.

Marnie's position typically returns $25,000-35,000 per year. After two years experience, the salary can go up to $35,000-40,000.

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If the heating or air conditioning control system stops working in your house, it might wind up on Instrumentation Technician Marnie Zimmerman's desk.

Marnie graduated from high school with every intention of pursuing a university degree. But after her first semester, she decided to seek out a 'more focused' career course. Marnie's quest was fulfilled when she fell in love with the world of circuit boards and instrumentation.

After completing a two year program, Marnie has a secure and satisfying position with a company that manufactures heating, ventilation and air conditioning control systems.


Education: Two-year program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology

Hobbies: Boat restoration, speed walking, swimming, creative writing and sewing