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"It's not a man's world anymore. It would be nice to have more of a woman's perspective."



Today, globetrotting photojournalist shoot with a digital camera, then send the pictures back to their newspapers using e-mail and a laptop computer.



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Marie-France Coallier is a press photographer for The Gazette in Montreal. Sometimes, she does photo essays, or short articles on a story accompanied by a big picture. Reporting is a small part of the job as well - knowledge of the story (names of people, places, etc) is required before a caption can be written.

Marie-France has always liked drawing and the visual arts. She took photography in high school. Her post secondary education consists of a double Bachelors in Visual Arts and Communications. She studied photography at the Dawson Institute.

Marie-France - action shot

Marie-France says that - to do the job - you need to be in good shape, carrying up to 35 pounds of equipment. Lots of people have back problems. You must be passionate and determined and talented - have an eye for it. You can be a freelancer too - but need money to cover your expenses. You can also work for magazines and agencies, or wire services. If you work for them you have to travel abroad."

Did you know? Industry experts estimate that only 10% of photographers are women.

The salary is commensurate with seniority and experience. Some of the very top photographers make over 100K per year. Career advancement opportunities may include becoming chief photographer or photo editor at a newspaper.

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Do you have what it takes to get the perfect shot? It's not always a snap.

Photojournalist Marie-France Coallier knows what it takes to get the shot. Her assignments for a major daily newspaper have included shooting everything from devastating ice storms to a little boy's unsolicited dance efforts alongside a group of ballerinas. Her photos often make the front pages, and it's no wonder.


Education: Double Bachelor degrees in Visual Arts and Communications, and photography courses at the Dawson Institute

Hobbies: Working out, skating, skiing, taking pictures