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"The most rewarding aspect of my overall military career is the confidence and character building it has created. I have faced so many varied challenges in my young life that most days I feel I can accomplish anything I set my mind to."



Lt. Kingsley currently makes $54,000 annually.



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Lyn Kingsley is the Above Water Warfare Officer on board the Canadian Forces HMCS Montreal. She is the primary operator of all weapon systems onboard, except for the torpedoes. There is only one other person onboard who can serve this function. That person, plus fourteen other commissioned members fall under her divisional or administrative responsibility.

After high school, Lyn applied to the Canadian Forces under the Regular Officer Training Programme (ROTP) with the intention of attending the Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario as a (naval) officer cadet. She was accepted and studied at RMC and Royal Roads Military College (RRMC) in Victoria, BC.

Lyn - action shot

For Lyn, the most rewarding aspect of her overall military career is the confidence and character building it has created. Her present employment allows her to travel quite extensively, and meet and work with sailors from across the globe. She would love to command her own warship one day, but at the moment has her heart set on an exchange posting in France doing a similar warfare job as she does now. She would also love to go back to school to obtain her PH.D. in psychology at some point in time.

Did you know? The HMCS Montreal can travel in excess of 55 KPH and has a cruising range of 11,000 kilometres.

Lyn's current position earns $54,000 per year. Benefits include medical, dental, pension, education and second language training, along with social services such as family counseling.

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Do you love to travel? Do you yearn to meet new people from different cultures, and get paid to do so? Meet a woman who's in that position right now.

Before she had even finished high school, Lt. Lyn Kingsley knew she wanted to be a military officer. Now, as an above water warfare officer, on the HMCS Montreal, her role is impressive to say the least. Not only is Lyn qualified to drive the ship and fire its weapons, she is also the ship's intelligence officer, evidence gathering officer and education officer.

In addition to her operational roles, Lyn supervises 15 other personnel that fall under her responsibility.


Education: Regular Officer Training Programme (ROTP), Royal Military College in Kingston, ON, and Royal Roads Military College (RRMC) in Victoria, BC

Hobbies: Reading, watching movies, working out, traveling, running