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"It's rewarding work. I can look at a project and say, 'I did this!' You need versatility - and have to know a lot of different things about the industry."



Lucie makes over $52,000 annually as a supervisor.



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Lucie Larouche Is a Senior Design Architect at a military base in Quebec. She has a diploma in architectural technology. Lucie does design work on any of the 200 buildings on the base and 250 military buildings off the base. There are always modifications, upgrades and renovations to do to adapt to new codes. Lucie also works on demolition projects.

In the past, Lucie has worked as a drafter for a commercial real estate evaluation company and for a municipality, also as a drafter. Lucie is the only full-time woman working in her capacity. Lucie says that credibility is sometimes hard to attain with contractors on construction sites. The old fashioned mentality about women still exists in some corners.

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To do well as a design architect, you need versatility. You must have a broad knowledge span that encompasses mechanical, construction, and electrical concepts, and you need to know how much space you will need for each room, where the air conditioning will be, etc. An understanding of engineering and structures is necessary as well. You must enjoy working with people and you have to be able to compromise. You need to be able to meet deadlines and budgets. And, you must be detail-oriented.

Did you know? Recent statistics show that women account for only 10% of architectural technologists.

In Lucie's current supervisory capacity, the starting salary is $44,672. She now earns $52,262. For those who aren't supervisors, the start salary is $40,612 and it goes up to $48,410.

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Education: DEC in architectural technology from CEGEP de Chicoutimi

Hobbies: Reading, spending time with family