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Lise likes meeting physical and mental challenges. She derives a feeling of pride form her work. She likes it when older women approach her and congratulate her for making this choice - that she is living out their dreams.


First Nations, Inuit, and Metis make up 1.4% of the Canadian Forces with 1,275 members.


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Lise is an Army soldier in the Canadian Forces, a "fusilier 7", which describes her weapon. She is part of a platoon that has 3 sections. Currently, she is taking courses to prepare for missions with new tank vehicles.

Lise completed a university B.A. in business administration at Universite de Laval and she was eager for another challenge. She had male friends in infantry and they enjoyed the army. So she went to the recruitment center several times and watched their videos. She now holds a certificate for basic training in the army, as well as an Infantry Certificate.

Lise - action shot

Lise participates in defensive maneuvers. These involve surveillance, waiting to be "attacked", digging trenches, simulated gunfire with blanks, etc. Offensive maneuvers are the opposite. They use a variety of tactics during simulated attacks.

Lise notes that walking a long time on exercises is physically demanding. On this topic, she says, "You get tired and cold or hot. Sometimes you have to do night watches. On some exercises, you might only sleep half an hour. You're always on the go."

Did you know? Until 1971, there was a controlled ceiling of 1,500 women in the Canadian Forces. Now they account for a full 14% of all personnel.

In terms of pay, Lise is 2S (second) and her gross salary is $29,000. After 3 ½ years, you become a corporal = $40,000. In between, there are salary increases every year. A chief corporal earns $45,000. They all have full benefits.

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Lise Huard is one of a handful of female infantry soldiers in the Canadian Forces. Despite having a business administration degree, Lise says the army is where she wants to be.

She thrives on the demanding physical challenges and outdoor activities of infantry life.

Interestingly, it was Lise's mother who first wanted to join the army. Today, Lise and other women are fulfilling that dream.


Education: B.A. In business administration (finance major) at Université de Laval in Québec, Certificate for basic training (army), and Infantry Certificate

Hobbies: running, reading, taking English courses, music