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One of Josee's clients is a doctor, who, seeing her dexterity, suggested she become a surgeon. Older women congratulate her. Josee loves knowing that she helped clients, and that they had a great meal. She knows her regulars and what they want.

Most meat cutting courses also teach sausage making, meat curing and meat smoking… skills that are important in most butcher shops.

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Josee Bagdadi is a gourmet butcher at the Place Du Parc Metro, a food store in Montreal. Josee debones, cuts, slices and grinds meat. She prepares rump roasts and fancy/expensive types of meat. She also advises customers on how to cook meats and gives them recipes.

Josee used to work at the cash register and deli counter. She noticed a posting for a trainee butcher. She took the opportunity and enrolled in the 9 month butcher course at Ecole Calixa Lavalee in Montreal North and received her DEP (diploma) in butcher sciences.

Josee - action shot

According to Josee, it is generally difficult to find good butchers. She feels that women have a lot to offer in this field. Josee admits that in a male dominated career like this, you have to be tough emotionally to succeed as a female butcher. However, she gets along really well with her coworkers and in particular, the many customers that value her work. Not surprisingly, it is a particular bonus to understand cooking.

Did you know? Only 30% of butchers are women.

Josee's wages started at $8.25/hour at the deli counter. Now, she makes $11.25/hour. She notes that all male-dominated work pays more.

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Josee was working as a cashier for a large grocery chain when she noticed an in-house job posting for an apprentice butcher. She seized the opportunity. Her nine month training program has brought her more money, more responsibility and greater on-the-job diversity, all with the same employer!

From gourmet cuts to cooking tips, Josee's specialty is client service. She even shares recipes with her loyal customers...


Education: Butcher course at Ecole Calixa Lavalee in Montreal North

Hobbies: Reading, running her household, skating, biking