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For Isabelle, the field of aviation is very interesting. She feels it presents wonderful new opportunities for women who enjoy mechanics, manual labor and technical knowledge.

Apprentices and aviation technicians registered with the Canadian Aviation Maintenance Council meet the national standards for employment across Canada.



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Isabelle Marsan is the third woman to be hired as an aircraft mechanic at Air Canada. She works on all systems of commercial airplanes: flight controls, hydraulic systems, landing gear, engines (exterior only), pressurization systems, security systems, and fuel tanks. Eventually, when she is licensed by the Ministry of Transport, she will be assigned specific systems to work on and take responsibility for.

Isabelle - action shot

Isabelle has also done sheet metal work and finds her job as an aircraft mechanic physically more demanding, since it involves both carrying and installing parts. Isabelle finds her work mentally stimulating because the job requires her to learn every system on the plane.

Did you know? The future is very bright for aircraft mechanics. Airlines outside of Canada are now shipping their aircraft engines to us for their regular preventive maintenance.

In terms of advancement within Air Canada, an aircraft mechanic can eventually become a foreman, inspector, or accident investigator, to name a few opportunities. The salary for an aircraft mechanic can vary from company to company. Air Canada is unionized, and Isabelle says that the pay is good there compared to a company that maintains smaller aircraft. The starting salary at Air Canada is $16-$17/hour. An inspector's pay can go up to $27/hour.

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Propelled by a love for aviation, and fueled with encouragement from her mother, Isabelle Marsan's career path was affirmed when she logged on as a female aircraft mechanic with Air Canada.

Isabelle maintains and repairs the internal systems on several of Air Canada's airliners including the flight controls, hydraulic and pressurization systems. It's a job she thoroughly enjoys and is totally committed to.


Education: DEC in aircraft maintenance from Ecole Nationale D'aerotechnique in St-Hubert (a CEGEP affiliated with Edouard Montpetit)

Hobbies: Reading, going to movies, hiking, camping, playing pool