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"It's hard work but very rewarding. If you like working with food it is a great job. "



While everyone's mom has done baking at home, 70% of commercial bakers are men!




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Heather Irvine is a baker's helper for Terra Breads. Her job is to bake loaves of bread, pastries, and focaccia. She really enjoys every part of her job, especially the end result! She says, "For anyone who enjoys working with food, to see the end result so quickly is really great. Also, it is wonderful to see people enjoying the results of what you just did."

Sometimes the hours are a bit tiring for Heather, but she doesn't have much of a problem with it, as she can usually adjust her sleeping pattern quite easily.

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Heather's education includes a ten-month baking program at Vancouver Community College. Currently she makes approximately twelve dollars an hour, which will increase with more experience. There are also further certifications that Heather can earn to advance her career.

Did you know? Egypt created the first modern bread. Archeologists have discovered grinding wheels, ovens, and pictures that go back 4,000 years.

Heather believes that this is a good industry to be in. There are many opportunities for baking fresh breads in restaurants, hotels, cruise ships, and catering companies. And she feels that artisan breads will never be replaced by automated factories. Heather's future aspirations include operating a catering business from her home.

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Choosing a career in high school was a real challenge for Heather Irvine. With so many different interests to pursue, she eventually decided on commercial baking, for her love of food and for the memories of baking bread at home with her mom.

Heather's 10 month vocational training program was the perfect recipe for her current job, preparing delightful artisan breads.

Mmmm, what a delicious environment to work in!


Education: Vancouver Community College

Hobbies: Reading, cross stitching, Scottish country dancing