"The best part about joining the military is the opportunities for both education and advancement."

An LCIS Tech salary starts at about $25,000/year which doubles within 10 years.


Next time you have a problem with your radio, call Susan Holotuk. She's a Land Communications and Information Systems Technician (LCIS tech). Her job is to maintain and repair equipment used by the Land Forces, such as radios, computers and radar. Out in the field, her team's role is to exploit, deceive and disrupt enemy communications using the tools Susan works on.

Susan was employed as a retail manager when she heard a radio ad about the Canadian Forces recruiting new members. Lucky the radio was working! Susan quit her "job" and started a career.

Did you know? Roughly 75,000 young Canadians receive training or employment through military initiatives annually.

There are a lot of people out there who start in the military right after high school, spend twenty years seeing the world and learning marketable skills, then retire while still in their thirties with a nice pension and do whatever they want. A new job, a part time job, play, whatever.

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Susan's job is technically challenging. With so many pieces of equipment and associated problems, it's impossible to know everything. So she's always learning. Susan does a lot of software work as well, helping people sort out their computer problems. As you may have guessed, her skills and knowledge are transportable to the civilian world.


Education: Military training.

Hobbies: Physical activities, yoga, fabric arts: crochet, sewing, quilting.