"I prefer hands-on tasks over theoretical work… The tests are different every time, so it's very interesting and exciting"

Technical Officers earn $25,000 or more per year.


How would you like to get paid to smash rail cars into each other? How about freeze them into something resembling a large ice cube? Maybe you'd prefer roaring around in a military vehicle to see what it can really take? That's just part of the fun at Rebecca Mann's workplace. She's a technical officer for the Centre for Surface Transportation Technology located near Ottawa, Ontario. Her job is to see what a rail car can really take.

Rebecca did a college field trip to the Centre and was very impressed with its facilities. So she applied, and applied, and applied. Finally she got a job in the railway department.

Did you know? Railway moves 40% of Canadian Gross Domestic Product.

Crashing rail cars together is only part of Rebecca's job. She's also been able to travel to Germany and the United States on business. The job's a good fit for the theory aspect of her university education and the more industry oriented college program she attended.

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The Centre for Surface Transportation Technology (CSTT) is a division of the National Research Council (NRC). The railway department of CSTT provides engineering, testing and technology services to the rail industry. The centre helps clients to evaluate the performance of railway vehicles in extreme conditions, tests mechanical and electronic systems, manufactures custom wheelsets and more. Rebecca's job is to facilitate these services through hands-on involvement in all aspects of the process from planning, to execution and record keeping.


Education: Mechanical Engineering Technology Diploma; B.Sc. with concentration in physics.

Hobbies: Sports, walking the dog, hiking, camping.