"What I like about my job is that it is artistic and technical at the same time… It's never the same: you are discovering every day, so it's very interesting."

A research and development technician salary can start at about $28,000 per year.


The next time you're out shopping for furniture, take a close look at the fabric. Textile research and development technician Myriam Phaneuf does.

Myriam's job is to develop creative new designs and fabric styles for her company's fashion line. Myriam takes fabric samples apart thread by thread to figure out how they are made, then creates a new fabric design and plan for the production team.

Did you know? In Canada, the textiles industry employs about 57,000 people.

The job Myriam does at Consoltex requires a great deal of creativity and imagination. Once an idea comes to her mind, Myriam's excellent communications skills help her share this idea with the company.

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Myriam has to create fabric that meets the customers' needs and at the same time, can actually be produced using the company's production processes. Overall it's a big communication challenge when you are the person between the marketing and production departments.


Education: College diploma in textiles management and technology.

Hobbies: Working on stained glass.