"There's always an opportunity to advance and learn new jobs. Lots of training is available and we can take courses to upgrade our skills."

Wages in tire manufacturing are very competitive. A tire builder can earn more money than a full-time electrician.


Before tire builder Michelle Hennessey got her career rolling with Goodyear Napanee, she went to college to become a private investigator, or "gumshoe", because of the rubber soles used to sneak around. Michelle still treads a lot of rubber building tires, but also works as a rotating safety specialist at the plant, coordinating safety activities and events. Although she may eventually go back to building tires full time, the safety specialist position gives her an opportunity to learn new skills.

As a rotating safety specialist, Michelle works 5 days a week, from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m, except on Fridays when she gets to leave half an hour earlier. As a tire builder, Michelle works the continental shift which allows her to work only 15 days a month! Weekend and evening work is sometimes required.

Did you know? It takes about 1 minute to build 1 'green' tire!

Jobs at Goodyear Napanee are in demand. The wages and benefits are good and Napanee is a nice area to live. Tire manufacturing companies put a lot of effort into hiring capable employees. They even want to meet your family!

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The rubber industry in Canada produces over thirty million passenger tires a year. With productivity rates this high, there's got to be a job out there for you. Goodyear looks for employees that will grow with the company and expand their knowledge of the business.


Education: In-house company training Private Investigator's license.

Hobbies: Spending time with family, cooking, going on field trips with kids, helping kids with homework, canoeing, playing hockey, skiing, skating, fishing and target shooting.