"I love life at sea because you've got a gorgeous view. Although this is a very demanding job, the rewards are great: the people you meet, the places you go…"

A TAS OP earns over $2,000/month. This steadily increases to nearly $3,500/month after 4 years of service.


Krista Quann is a tactical acoustic sensor operator, also known as a TAS OP. OK, she's a submarine chaser. Krista's at the controls of high tech acoustic equipment that can detect, identify, classify and evaluate acoustic information. It's a critical tool for anti-submarine warfare.

Krista comes from a military family. Many of her immediate relatives served in the Forces, which got Krista interested as well. She was in the reserves during high school and after graduation, joined the regular force.

Did you know? On any given day, about 8,000 Canadian Forces members are preparing for, engaged in or coming from an overseas mission.

Like all military personnel, Krista participates in a variety of onboard training exercises. Relentless training is standard in the Forces. It sharpens skills, prepares everyone for emergencies and puts into action the teamwork so necessary for any military operation.

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Krista's job is unique - there is nothing like it in the civilian world. When Krista joined the navy, she had no related background to draw from. She embraced this learning opportunity with self-motivation and a positive attitude, key elements for anyone's success.


Education: Military training.

Hobbies: Sky diving, bungee jumping, rock climbing, horseback riding, cooking, working with computers, playing video games, watching movies, going out for dinner.