"What I love most about my job is the unpredictability and the excitement of following financial markets."

A market supervisor earns $40,000 and more per year.


Karen McMeekin is a market supervisor in the monitoring department for the Montreal Exchange, the only derivative exchange in Canada. Her job is to oversee the derivative trading process and to ensure that the computer system that facilitates all the trades is operating in top form.

Karen's training qualifies her to work as a broker, an operator for financial transactions, a sales and marketing representative and more. As a market supervisor, she experiences the action by facilitating market trading, but doesn't have to take the worry of client investments home with her. She just keeps the traders happy.

Did you know? For the last decade, the investment industry has helped to raise over $150 Billion in new equity for over 13,000 companies.

Karen works in a very dynamic, team oriented environment. When it comes to vacations, only one person can be away at any time. Karen likes to spend her green on the green, fine tuning her swing. And in a city like Montreal, you gotta do some shopping.

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What's a derivative you ask? OK. Let's say a stock is worth five dollars. Instead of buying it today, you can pay a fee for the "option" to buy it for five dollars within a certain time frame, say two weeks. If the stock is worth seven dollars by the time you exercise your option to buy it for five, you can sell it and make two dollars less the cost of the option fee and sales fee. If the stock goes down during your option period to four dollars, then you won't "exercise your option" to buy it for five dollars. So you lose the cost of your option fee. But that's just one small, very simplified example of what a derivative can be and there are many other types.


Education: BA in economics; Courses in commerce and investment.

Hobbies: Shopping, golfing, watching movies.