"The people I work with is probably the best part of my job. Another attractive aspect about the steel industry is great benefits and great salary and this, of course, translates into a great lifestyle."

A quality control inspector earns $50,000 or more per year.


These days many auto manufacturers are using steel tubing in many structural parts of a vehicle. Ensuring the steel quality is within specification is the job of quality control inspector Jennifer Zahra.

Not only will Jennifer chase a problem pipe down the line to be certain it's been marked as defective, she also tests the tube to determine exactly what the problem is. From there, the appropriate production related adjustments are made.

Did you know? The Canadian steel industry is expected to grow more than 20% over the next 10 years.

In order to work in a steel mill, you need to enjoy working in a team and be willing to learn. You have to have excellent communication skills in order to communicate to your team properly. Flexibility, versatility and an open mind also help.


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Jennifer is on the leading edge of a new generation of steel workers. Automation has reduced the number of people it takes to produce steel while technology has increased the knowledge base needed for the job. However, the human eye is still required to check quality on a regular basis.


Education: In-house company training; 2 year degree in geology.

Hobbies: Physical exercise, walking the dog, cooking, home improvement, hanging out with friends, relaxing and enjoying a quiet time.