"I would rather be flying than doing anything else…"

19 Wing was constructed in 1942 to protect Pacific Coastline from a possible Japanese invasion.


If you're ever stuck in the middle of nowhere and need to be rescued, you'll be pleased to know that Buffalo pilot Jennifer Tyldesley could be on the job. She commands a search and rescue crew and flies the de Havilland Buffalo, a special type of aircraft that can take off and land on shorter runways. The Buffalo can also turn very tightly, so it's highly maneuverable in rescue situations.

Jennifer is responsible for her crew and the airplane. She likes the job because it's very real. They get a search and rescue call and Jennifer goes into action with her team.

Did you know? 19 Wing Comox is the busiest Search and Rescue region in Canada.

The air force needs pilots! You might have what it takes, but who's going to know unless you try. Come on girls. Take flight! When Jennifer isn't flying, she stays well grounded with sports activities and long walks on the beach.

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Think about how cool it would be to fly a plane down low, drop rescue teams and equipment to save people's lives. You can't predict emergencies, so Jennifer is on a rotating call basis to deal with these life and death situations. Her pager could go off at any time and she has to be ready. So does her Buffalo.


Education: Bachelor of Arts in History & International Politics from RRMC (Royal Roads Military College).

Hobbies: Skiing, snowshoeing, walking on the beach.