"I really, really have enjoyed the years I spent in the Canadian Forces, travelling wherever, working on different things, constantly upgrading my education…"

The Canadian Forces provides on-the-job training to roughly 19,000 young Canadians every year.


When avionics systems technician Fiona Ross saw a television ad to join the Canadian Forces, she thought it would be fun to give it a try with the Air Force. She says it's the best decision she's ever made. Her only regret is that she didn't start sooner!

Fiona's job is to troubleshoot and replace electronic systems on airplanes and helicopters at 4 Wing Cold Lake in Alberta. The idea is to get the aircraft out of the hanger and back into operation as soon as possible. When Fiona isn't doing that, she's coordinating the maintenance work of her peers.

Did you know? 4 Wing personnel and dependants comprise about 45% of the local area population in Cold Lake.

As part of the maintenance team, Fiona does a fair bit of work outdoors. She's responsible for first line servicing of the aircraft, such as towing, starting, fueling, cleaning, de-icing and more. That can be pretty chilly at minus 35 degrees Celsius.

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Fiona works at the largest of Canada's two fighter bases. 4 Wing is located 290 kilometers northeast of Edmonton. Its mission is to train, deploy and support tactical fighter forces to meet Canada's requirements at home and abroad.


Education: Military Training.

Hobbies: Walking the dog, cooking, spending time with friends.