"Being a mountain guide is a great way of life… You get the opportunity to be in the outdoors all the time, doing what you really love to do."

In Canada, well over 500,000 people work in the tourism industry.


Diny Harrison is as comfortable climbing up a mountain as she is racing down one. She is an internationally certified mountain guide with Canadian Mountain Holidays of Banff, Alberta.

Diny also works as an assistant manager for CMH, making sure everything goes according to plan. Diny shares in her clients' joy as they go places they've never been and see things they've never seen.

Did you know? In 2000, total tourism expenditures in Canada reached $54.1 billion.

Diny has a mountain of experience to offer her clients and is super fit for her job, both physically and mentally. For her, scaling mountains is a walk in the park.

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As an internationally certified mountain guide, Diny has worked in many countries around the world, including Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. She speaks English, French, German, and is now going to learn Italian.


Education: International certification as a mountain guide.

Hobbies: Rock climbing, mountain biking, skiing.