"What I enjoy most about my job is the fact that it never becomes routine. There's always some sort of excitement."

A VP of research and development earns approximately $50,000 and more per year.


When Dia Matheos talks about getting some new genes, she's probably not talking about the kind you wear. Dia is a Vice President of research and development with a biotech firm Replicor. She leads a team of people and works hands-on, creating DNA products. These are licensed by pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies for a variety of applications. In the long run, her work benefits patients and increases the cost effectiveness of treatment.

Dia has always been fascinated by sciences in the human health sector. After completing her BA in microbiology and gaining volunteer experience in this field, she was determined to pursue a PhD in biochemistry. She excelled in her doctoral thesis, the topic of which was very much in line with Replicor's research. Dia's professor, also a co-founder of Replicor, was impressed and the company hired Dia full-time.

Did you know? About 70% of all biotech employees work in the human health sector.

Science is always evolving. It is difficult to predict what Dia will be doing in two weeks because her future tasks depend on the results she gets today. Her work is always different, which is one reason why Dia finds it so interesting.

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Dia is in charge of DNA product development. This involves supervision and co-ordination of other people's activities, as well as quite a bit of hands-on work. Dia conducts experiments to discover methods of creating DNA products that are superior to what is presently available on the market.


Education: PhD in biochemistry; BA in microbiology.

Hobbies: Physical exercise, hiking and canoeing.