"This is a life that you can never ever dream about. The challenges that will be placed before you are not just because you are a police officer, but because you are a member of the Canadian Forces."

MP's starting as privates earn approximately $25,000 per year, not including various allowances.


When military policewoman Alana MacGillivray was a kid, she wanted to be a missionary, but wasn't cut out for the hot weather places it would take her. She chose to deliver the good word of the law instead.

MPs are the police force of the Canadian Forces. Alana joined the Forces at seventeen, following in the footsteps of her father and grandfather. She now works at CFB Kingston in Ontario.

Did you know? With over 1,250 full-time members, Military Police are the 7th largest police force in Canada.

Military police work wherever the Canadian Forces serve, in Canada and around the world. For Alana, it's not just about being an MP. It's about being part of the military. It's a lifestyle she knows and loves.



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The average person doesn't expect to be a crime victim. Unfortunately, it can happen. So the Military Police work hard at crime prevention, not just to protect people, but also to protect property, information and information technology. It's about security for the individual, the organization and the nation.


Education: Military Training.

Hobbies: Spending time with family.