"Other women would like this job because they can use their sense of creativity and work with the public."

The United States, Japan, and Norway have the highest percentage of Internet users who shop online.

Is it really possible to master the world wide web? You might want to ask Sheila Zoghaib, webmaster for a company called GCL Multimedia. Sheila’s job is to create and maintain multimedia learning websites for a variety of clientele. As the webmaster, Sheila builds the structure of a website and fills in the written, interactive and graphic content. She also maintains all the sites she builds.

Sheila has always been inspired by computer science. After taking a programming course, she landed her current job.

Did you know? About 13 million Canadians, aged 15 and over, use the Internet. Thatís 53% of the countryís population!

Sheila’s job pays $26,000 a year to start. Skills needed to be a webmaster include a strong knowledge of HTML and Java programming along with training in graphic arts. Sheila plans to stay in her field for a long time because she likes the fast pace of technology. It’s always a challenge to stay on the cutting edge.

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Isn’t it amazing how fast becomes slow so quickly in today’s world? Sheila’s work is very detail oriented and her end product is right up there on the world wide web for all to see. Getting it right takes a strong mix of education, experience and creativity. It’s hard to believe Sheila barely knew how to turn on a computer when she first started!


Education: One year course in programming at Herzing College

Hobbies: Movies, walking and shopping