"My favorite part of my job is seeing the work when it's done. I take a lot of before and after pictures."

Wood is the world's only 100% renewable building material.

If you've ever received a wood crate package, it could have been built by crater and 3rd year apprentice carpenter, Roxanne Fayant. Roxanne makes crates to specification, then travels to different job sites to crate up whatever item they want to ship. Some crates can be as big as a house!

Roxanne has worked at a variety of carpentry jobs, including renovations, finishing and building decks. Although carpentry runs in her family, she first went to university to study film and video. Then, she went back to the family specialty.

Did you know? The wood products industry spends 75% of operating costs on supplies while wages account for only 20%.

Roxanne started in her job at $12 an hour. In the future, Roxanne wants to help out other aspiring women carpenters. She wants to get her journey ticket and take on female apprentices.

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Roxanne’s job involves both hands on carpentry and customer service. She deals with a lot of different customers and anything could come up when she’s on site doing a crating job. Dealing well with these kinds of challenges takes the right combination of skills and experience.

Roxanne is a single mom, so the regular hours give her the opportunity to spend time with her son Steven.


Education: First and second level carpentry

Hobbies: Sewing, crafts and chain mail