"My job is a constant challenge. There are always opportunities to learn new things. I never get bored."

In Canada, there are over 3 million cellular phones activated.

Louise Meilleur is a technical support specialist for Bell Intrigna. She designs telecommunications systems for her clients.

Louise says you need to understand technology to excel in telecommunications. But even in such a technical industry, Louise says her job allows her to be creative. She enjoys composing something new for a client.

Did you know? The global telecommunications market is worth $600 billion US and it's expected to double or triple over the next ten years.

Louise's advice to other women considering a career in telecommunications is to get as much technical training as possible, and network. Build your network by going to related seminars and becoming a member of different associations. Then stay in touch with everyone you meet from the industry.

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The salary range for a position such as Louise’s is between $55,000 and $75,000 a year. She works 37.5 hours per week.

Louise got her break in the industry as a customer service rep. She attended night school and worked her way up, learning on the job and taking a variety of courses. Louise has worked hard to earn her position, but still considers herself lucky.


Education: 2 year Telecommunications Management program at Vancouver Community College

Hobbies: Traveling