"It might seem simple, but I am always proud to have realized the entire project when it comes to an end."

Canada holds 61 trillion cubic feet of proven natural gas reserves.

These days when you pull into a service station it's not just a matter of fueling up. You can shop for groceries, get some fast food, do your banking, you name it. It's all about marketing to the customer, and service stations are designed with that in mind. Working behind the scenes is Julie Jolicoeur, a project manager for Imperial Oil. Julie manages service station construction projects from the development process through to completed construction.

Did you know? The first successful oil well was discovered in Ontario in 1858.

Julie makes more than $55,000 a year. Her project management skills could get her a job in almost any other industry.

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A lot of detail is the nature of Julie Jolicoeur’s job. During the construction work Julie will visit the site frequently. She checks the quality of the work and makes sure it is on time and on budget.

Julie’s job doesn’t end with the completed construction. She does follow up for the next year, to ensure everything is working properly.


Education: Bachelors in Chemical Engineering, Masters in Civil Engineering with an environmental orientation

Hobbies: Travel, theater, skiing and her family