"I like that the industry is changing everyday. I learn new things and, when I come into work, anything could happen that day."

The wireless communications market is projected to grow 17% over the next three years.

Telecommunication specialist Josselin Grebinsky dialed into her career straight out of high school. She took a two year telecommunications engineering program and finished in the top five of her class. With that kind of track record, she landed a great job with Grant MacEwan College, installing and maintaining the telecommunications systems.

Did you know? As of 1999, Canada has 18.5 million telephone lines in use.

Josselin makes $32,000 a year as a telecommunications specialist. She thinks other women would like her job because it's a very challenging and creative position. In the future, Josselin would like to stay more on the creative side of the industry and get into designing telecommunications systems.

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Josselin needs to do a lot of hands on work to ensure the college communications systems are always online. But her job doesnít stop there. She spends a lot of time in her office making sure everything runs smoothly. Itís all part of her calling.

When Josselin chose telecommunications, she got a line on a great career. There are a lot of opportunities out there for you too. Itís technology driven, so itís always changing and creating new areas for growth.


Education: 2 year Telecommunications Engineering program, NAIT

Hobbies: Snowboarding, 4x4ing, jogging