"I like to see the tangible result of my research and to share my expertise with other researchers through publications and conferences."

The smallest robot ever built was made in Japan with 97 separate watch parts, weighing a total of 1.4 grams.

Isabelle Tremblay's robotics work has taken her career to new heights… outer space. Isabelle's fascination with the unknown and science fiction was the perfect backdrop for her current job. Planets and space exploration have been on her mind since she was a girl. That curiosity has landed her a job as a robotics engineer at the Canadian Space Agency.

Did you know? In 1999, North Americans bought more than 17,500 robots, worth a total $1.4 billion.

Jobs in robotics and automation are opening up at warp speed. Along with several different engineering related careers, there are many positions available that require a 2 year technical degree. Isabelle says some of the skills needed for her job are curiosity, optimism and an interest in everything technical and space related.

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Along with sharing her research knowledge, Isabelle also shares her passion with robotics by enlightening young women to the possibilities of a career in robotics.

In the future, Isabelle would love to participate in space mission experiments using her knowledge and experience in robotics. Of course, we’re talking on-site, in space.


Education: Bachelors in Engineering, Masters in Areospace

Hobbies: Karate, piloting, painting, sailing and horseback riding