"Other women would like this job because it’s a challenging position. There’s satisfaction at the end of the day and every day is different."

Only about 7% of Canada’s land is farmed.

Sometimes one’s career choice is ingrained from an early age. For farm marketing representative Deanna Johnson, it was a natural. She came from a community with only two major industries, oil and farming.

While Deanna didn’t have a strong farming background, she really likes people in the agriculture industry and that was enough for her. Now Deanna enjoys a challenging and rewarding position with Cargill AgHorizons, buying grain from farmers.

Did you know? The Canadian agricultural sector provides 437,000 jobs to Canadians.

A farm marketing representative can make between $30,000 and $100,000 a year, depending on experience and where you work. Deanna works a regular 40 hour work week, but the busy harvest season often requires more hours.

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After high school Deanna worked in the agriculture industry for seven years. Eventually, it became clear that in order to get a good, stable job, she would need to enhance her education with a college diploma.

Field work is where Deanna plants the seeds for a good working relationship with her customers. She finds going out on site and interacting with the growers themselves is one of the most satisfying parts of her job. Good interpersonal skills are also key to success in her position.


Education: 2 year course in Agriculture Technology, Fairview College

Hobbies: Volleyball and golfing