"You have to be very self-motivated. I didn’t realize how difficult it was to run my own business. You constantly have to be out there getting business."

46% of Canadian Aboriginal businesses hire additional full-time, permanent workers.

Optician Christine Zacharko is always on the go with her mobile optical dispensary “Glasses to Go”. She’s a crusader in a mini-van, helping seniors, disabled people and whoever can’t or won’t travel to the optician. She provides all the services a regular optician does except she goes to her customers. When it comes to niche marketing a service, Christine’s business vision is definitely 20-20.

Did you know? Entrepreneurial growth is strong across all Aboriginal heritage groups, but it is increasing most among the Métis.

Christine’s future goals are to pass her business on to her children. “Glasses to Go” is her dream and she wants to keep it alive as long as she can. Christine is also considering setting up a chain of businesses in different parts of Alberta.

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Christine is Métis and got government funding for her business based on her native heritage. She says she didn’t realize how difficult running her own company would be. She acknowledges the need to be very self-motivated, especially when seeking out new business. There is no shortage of challenges to keep you on the go with your own company.

While entrepreneurship is a great idea for women, Christine knows that it’s important to take time off away from the business as well. You can burn out and lose focus. Time off helps you to be positive, energetic and more productive.


Education: 2 year diploma optician course, NAIT

Hobbies: Crafts, skating, traveling and camping