"I like the experience of getting to fly all over the world. I also like the challenge. Not everybody gets to do this job."

90% of Canadians strongly support the use of the Canadian Forces to help Canadians in crisis.

When it comes to loading a plane, Carol McCrea is a master, a loadmaster, in fact. Carol ensures the freight on the A310 Airbus is spread out evenly and that it’s the right weight. If the load is not packed right the plane won’t fly properly.

Carol joined the Airforce when she was 21. A neighbor’s daughter, who was in the military, was a big influence in this decision. She would fascinate Carol with stories of her adventures in the Canadian Forces. Before long, Carol signed up too.

Did you know? Since 1990, the Canadian Forces have deployed on 65 missions around the world? Thirty-two of those were in the past two years.

A loadmaster’s salary depends on years of service and rank. Carol makes about $50,000 a year. In the future Carol is looking forward to a comfortable retirement in Edmonton, because she loves the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

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Carol really enjoys the comradery of the Airforce. If you’d like to get a better read on military life is like, click though the Canadian Military Journal at journal.dnd.ca. Or check out the Maple Leaf Newspaper at dnd.ca. Both are full of interesting articles, book reviews and other columns. It’s a window into the lives of our Canadian soldiers, sailors and air personnel, and perhaps a window of opportunity for you.

In Canada, the Airforce is at work every day, coast to coast. To find out more, go to the Canadian Airforce website at airforce.dnd.ca. Whether it's defending Canadian airspace, flying search and rescue missions or providing relief during national disasters, they play a direct role in keeping Canada and Canadians safe.


Education: Traffic Technician trades training with the Airforce

Hobbies: Baseball, curling, ice skating and golfing