"This is a great job. You go places, meet interesting people and you work around a flexible schedule."

Canadians spend $1.5 billion a year in video rentals.

Camera assistant Braydon Haggardy works regularly on dry land but is also one of only a few women who specialize in underwater camera work. She parlayed her love for scuba diving into this unique focus on the film industry with some specialized training and a lot of hard work. While the film business keeps Braydon very busy, she also has her own company Turtle Films, which produces underwater documentaries. All that and a family too!

Did you know? Lions Gate Studios, located in BC, is Canada's largest film and television studio.

A second camera assistant can earn between $50,000 and $100,000 annually. Although Braydon likes her job, in the future she wants to do more acting and go on to produce underwater documentaries. Her advice to others is to be patient. Sometimes it takes a while to get into the film industry, but you just have to remain focused.

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Securing a position in the film industry can be difficult, but when the demand for production people is high, odds are good you’ll get a shot. You usually begin as a trainee through the union and work your way up. Whatever experience you get prior to that, however, is really an asset.

To do her underwater filming, Braydon has to wear all the dive gear plus deal with a camera or lights, depending on her role in the filming. Working on-set as a camera assistant pays the bills in a big way, but her passion lies underwater.


Education: 3 year program at Concordia Film School

Hobbies: Drawing, sketching, reading and walking