"If you can keep up with the technological advances and keep your skills up to date, then this field is wide open for anyone who's interested."

Online retail sales for 1999 were estimated at $66 billion worldwide.

Barbara-Judith Caron's job didn't exist when she was in high school. That's how new it is. She is a web consultant specializing in the design of commercial Internet sites.

What keeps Barbara-Judith interested is the fact that it's constantly moving and changing. That's an aspect of e-commerce that Barbara-Judith finds different from other industries. It's evolving so fast that there's been no time to establish a hierarchy in the workplace.

Did you know? In the year 2000 there were over 2 billion publicly available pages on the Internet.

One of the things that Barbara-Judith loves best about her chosen field is that it's so new, and techology is always changing.

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Barbara-Judith doesn't feel that gender is an issue with the Internet in general. In her case, since most of her work is done through the Internet, by the time she meets a client, she's already proven her abilities.

Barbara-Judith’s greatest challenges are not only to keep up with the technological advances, but also to keep up with current trends and tastes in web site designs. It also helps to know something about consumer psychology.


Education: DEC in Sociology and university courses in Cyber-Tech Business Administration

Hobbies: In-line skating and snowboarding